'It's peace of mind' - Homeowners' relief after trees cut down

A large tree which fell on a house in Ash Grove Sheringham

A large tree which crashed through the roof of a home in Ash Grove, Sheringham last September, the image also shows how tall and close the pine trees used to be to homes. - Credit: Edmund Watts

Homeowners in Sheringham have expressed their relief after a number of trees that have overshadowed their properties for years were felled.

People living in Ash Grove and Elm Grove, off Woodland Rise had lived with branches falling into gardens, reduced light and the risk of whole trees coming down for more than a decade, during which time they say they had repeatedly asked Richard Davies, who owns the land the trees occupied, to take action.

Ash Grove in Sheringham were trees have been felled.

Ash Grove, now that the trees have been felled. - Credit: Archant

The situation came to a head in September last year when a tree came crashing through the roof of Katheryn Walford's home in Ash Grove during strong winds.

The tree narrowly missed one of her children's beds and forced the family out of their home for several weeks.

Now, the pine trees which used to line the edge of properties in the area have been cut down, much to the relief of homeowners.

Ash Grove in Sheringham, before the trees were felled.

Ash Grove in Sheringham, before the trees were felled. - Credit: Google Maps

Ms Walford said while a relief to no longer have the threat of trees falling on the house, it was bittersweet to see so many cut down: "I feel really sad for the nature side of things. There was always lots of life in [the trees]. it was nice for [the children] to see.

"I'm sad to see the trees go but it's a relief to know that a tree won't hit the house anymore."

Edmund Watts, who lives in Ash Grove Sheringham

Edmund Watts, who lives in Ash Grove Sheringham - Credit: Archant

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Edmund Watts, who lives opposite Ms Walford in Ash Grove, added: "We're so pleased [the trees have gone]. Other people have said to us it's a shame but when you're living with the constant threat of it, [it's not nice]."

Liz Witherington, North Norfolk District councillor for Sheringham, who had supported the community off Woodland Rise, said she was also glad to see action had been taken.

She said: "The peace of mind for residents has been huge. They’ve been stressed out every time there’s been wind or a storm coming.

"It’s long overdue and has transformed the lives of the residents who have been living in fear for the last decade."

Liz Withington won a Sheringham by-election. Picture: Karen Bethell

Liz Withington. - Credit: Archant

Richard Davies, whose land the trees were on said: "I have tried to look after [the trees] for years but couldn't get those trees down.

"The residents are happy as far as I'm concerned, it's not my fault it took years to get them down."