PCSOs help deliver King’s Lynn woman’s baby

A family got an early Christmas present after a police community support officer played midwife and saved the life of their new baby by the roadside.

After her contractions began on Saturday, Inga Munkova, 26, was diverted from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn – a five minute drive from her home – to Peterborough due to overcrowding.

But Miss Munkova only got as far as Wisbech when she realised she was not going to make it and her partner, Dmitrijs Frolovs, 28, flagged down a passing police car in Lynn Road.

PCSOs Sam Dyer and Donna Thompson raced to the aid of the 26-year-old and moments later she gave birth to a healthy girl, weighing just over 8lb, in the back seat of the car.

Neither officer had medical training but PCSO Thompson relied on her own experience of giving birth to four children to help Miss Munkova.

PCSO Thompson said: 'We pulled over, I assessed the woman, who was on the back seat of a car, and immediately saw she was in full labour.

'I tried to keep her calm and said I had four children of my own.

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'I went to the other side of the car and asked Sam to call for an ambulance. I began preparing the lady for giving birth and then the head popped out.'

PCSO Thompson noticed the baby girl was a bluish colour and the umbilical cord was around her neck so she unhooked it and asked the woman to push on the next contraction. As the baby emerged, she cleaned her mouth and rubbed her back.

She continued: 'The baby started to cry and turned a lovely colour pink. It was all very fast and very surreal and it was quite emotional in the end. I couldn't remember a lot of it afterwards – it's like I just went into autopilot. I wouldn't want to do it every day but it was great – and what a Christmas present.'

PCSO Dyer added: 'It's the one thing they don't put in the training.'

Viktorija Munkova was born at about 2.15pm. About five minutes later, paramedics arrived and then an ambulance, which took the mother and baby to hospital in Wisbech.

Miss Munkova said: 'I didn't really have to push – I think Viktorija just wanted to get out.

'Both of these officers should be given a medal for what they did and we were very lucky Donna was there because she wasn't worried.'

She added: 'We're just delighted to have a healthy baby girl and are looking forward to our first Christmas in England.'

Miss Munkova moved from Latvia to live in Anthony Nolan Road, King's Lynn, with her partner, who works at Tulip, when she became pregnant with their second daughter. Their other daughter is Laura Munkova, aged three.

A spokesman for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital said: 'This was an exceptionally busy time with new babies arriving.

'The nearest hospital able to take this patient was Peterborough and she was redirected there within a few minutes of contacting us.

'We have written to the couple to offer an explanation. We are pleased there was a happy outcome and that mother and baby are doing well.'

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