How ex-Norwich City star 'sold his soul' to be in advert with Gazza

Paul McVeigh celebrates scoring during City's last win at Hillsborough, a 5-0 victory in December 20

Paul McVeigh celebrates scoring during City's last win at Hillsborough, a 5-0 victory in December 2001 Picture: Archant library - Credit: Graham Lynch

A former Norwich City attacker has told of how he "sold his soul" for £200 - and the opportunity to star in an advert alongside England icon Paul Gascoigne.

Paul McVeigh, who had two spells with the Canaries, has shared footage of an advert filmed during his time as a trainee at Tottenham Hotspur at the age of 12.

On his very first day at the club, the Northern Ireland international was whisked away to appear in an advertisement for a sticker album - which saw him appear alongside the midfield maverick.

And Mr McVeigh, now 43 and living back in Belfast, recalled how the ever-mischievous Gazza even gave him a lift home afterwards - and tricked him into clambering into his sports car through the roof.

Paul Gascoigne in action in the semi-final

Paul Gascoigne in action in the semi-final - Credit: EMPICS Sport

But the memorable appearance came at a cost to the former City forward.

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He said: "As soon as I found out I would have to wear an England shirt I was hesitant.

"Being from Northern Ireland I knew I would get no end of stick for pulling that shirt on.

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"I knew I'd never live it down but I soon changed my mind when they said they've give me £200 for doing it. I guess that was when I sold my soul."

The advert saw the young Mr McVeigh help recreate one of Gazza's famous goals for the Three Lions - but he admits being totally starstruck.

"I couldn't say a word to him," he said. "But I remember him being just so much fun, such a joker.

"He was up to all kinds of antics - we had to do lots of takes because he kept trying to kick the ball at the camera instead of the goal. 

"Afterwards, he got roped into giving me a lift home in his sports car.

"I went to get in the car and he told me the doors didn't open so you had to climb in through the windows like  Dukes of Hazard.

"So there I was, this 12-year-old boy, scrambling to get myself and my bag into Paul Gascoigne's sports car - then as soon as I managed it he unlocked the door and got in through the door.

"He then drove me to where I was staying about a mile away in about three-point-two seconds."

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