Parking charges rise at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in King’s Lynn

Parking charges are set to rise from Monday at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in King's Lynn.

Health chiefs blamed last month's increase in the standard rate of VAT, which went up from 17.5 to 20pc.

The new scale of charges sees the price of a three-hour stay increase 10p, from �2.50 to �2.60.

A 24-hour stay goes up from �10 to �10.50, while the cost of a weekly ticket will rise from �15 to �15.50.

Today Mark Henry, the QEH's deputy chief executive, said: 'We have delayed imposing the VAT increase for over a month but reluctantly we now have to pass this on or face an impact on hospital services.

'None of the increase will benefit hospital finances or services directly.'

Parking charges at the hospital have remained unchanged since 2005.

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