Parents’ anger at plans to remove £75,000 Wymondham play area after row over noisy children and anti-social behaviour

Children and their families enjoying the new King's Head Meadow play area at Wymondham. Picture: DEN

Children and their families enjoying the new King's Head Meadow play area at Wymondham. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

Plans to remove a play area in Wymondham because of noise complaints and anti-social behaviour has caused anger amongst parents.

After we reported the story yesterday, a host of parents took to the EDP's Facebook page to show their outrage and anger at the Wymondham Town Council proposal to remove the play area at a cost of £60,000.

It comes after an ongoing row between the Kings Head Meadow park users and owners of neighbouring properties, who say the noise of children, anti-social behaviour from teenagers and loss of privacy have become a nightmare.

The proposal would see six pieces of equipment and a picnic bench relocated to Browick Road.

Many asked for those complaining about the noise to remember that they were once children.

Tina Boulter said: 'Those complaining need to remember they were once children and I doubt quiet ones at that! If they cannot cope with the noise can I suggest they be the ones to move or be made to pay the bill to remove the play area!'

Sue Laffling called for the plans to stop. She said: 'Children are developing relationships, social hierarchy, doing exercise, learning to share and so much more whilst 'playing'. Come forward complainant's if you were truly denied the right to play as a child.'

Theresa Mcilwaine said: 'Absolutely absurd children make noise in play areas some people need to take a reality check.'

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Sue Street remembered taking her sons to a park in the area. She said: 'There has been a children's play area there for as long as I can remember - I used to take my sons there almost 20 years ago. They loved it and have fond memories of the time they spent there. Such a shame.'

Others highlighted the importance of children having somewhere safe to play outside.

Jo Woods said: 'Children need to let off steam and this looks like the perfect place to do it. Far better - and safer - somewhere like this than on the streets.'

Nicola Mewse agreed saying: 'If children can't be noisy in a play area whilst having fun what on earth has this world come to?'

Mickey Kent added: 'What's happened with tolerance in today's society? It's better for children to be outside in the fresh air being children instead of sitting in playing on play stations.'

Alex Green said: 'Seriously?! Do we not want to get our children outside? Plant some trees or something to buffer the noise.'

There were even calls for a petition to be started to save the play area as people looked towards the council.

Kelly Loates said: 'What makes me laugh is the council have to wait for every financial year to allocate people new bathrooms and kitchens but they can waste money on depriving children of a bit of play.'

Linda Sinclair called for action. She said: 'Someone needs to start a petition to save it, hopefully the Councillors will see sense then?'

However, some have urged people in the town to have more sympathy with those affected.

One reader, who contacted us by email and who wished to remain anonymous, said: ''It has been terrible for them. The homeowners are stressed and fed up with it. They don't want Wymondham to not have the park, but just not to close.'

Julie Kyle, who also got in touch via email, added: 'I think people have dismissed this as a few people complaining about noisy children - it is more than that. Teenagers and adults are there late at night making noise and causing havoc. I don't want to see the park go, but I do understand where they are coming from.'

At its closest point, the play area is thought to be two metres away from the fences of affected properties.

The proposal will be discussed at the full council meeting on Tuesday.

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