Owner of car caught driving through lights at level crossing found by police

Grab of video posted on Facebook on by Paul Whitlow on Victoria Road in Lowestoft. Picture Facebook/

Grab of video posted on Facebook on by Paul Whitlow on Victoria Road in Lowestoft. Picture Facebook/Paul Whitlow - Credit: Archant

Police have traced the owner of a car which was caught on video swerving round queuing traffic and driving over a level crossing as the barriers came down.

The offence at the level crossing in Victoria Road, Oulton Broad was recorded on a dashcam by Paul Whitlow at about 1.20pm on Thursday, August 4.

A British Transport Police spokesman said the registered owner of the vehicle had now been traced and a notice of intended prosecution had been sent to ascertain who was driving the vehicle when the offence was committed.

Mr Whitlow's video provoked shock and anger after it was posted on Facebook, where it has been viewed 585,420 times.

It shows the white Land Rover overtaking in a 30mph zone in Victoria Road shortly before getting caught in a queue at the level crossing before the lights start flashing to indicate the barriers are about to come down so a train can pass.

Not prepared to wait, the driver undertakes the waiting cars using a narrow gap in the road and drives over the level crossing just as the barriers come down, narrowly avoiding getting trapped in the path of the train.

After viewing the footage, Suffolk police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore said he was 'horrified' and said that the driver was 'dicing with death'

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Mr Passmore added: 'I can't begin to imagine what on earth entered this person's head. It is just beyond description. We need to send out a message that if you get caught, you will be punished.'

A British Transport Police spokesman said: 'We treat all reports of level crossing misuse seriously and will take action against anyone caught committing offences.

'It may be tempting to jump the lights to try and shave a few seconds off your journey, but it is not worth the risk. Not only is it incredibly dangerous but you could face police action.

'Anyone with any information should contact BTP on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 citing reference 611 of 04/08/16.'

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