Operation launched to reduce Norfolk motorcycle crashes

An operation aiming to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes on Norfolk's roads has been launched.

In 2010 there were 10 motorcyclists killed in Norfolk, 83 riders were seriously injured and 202 slightly injured.

Over the last three years Norfolk Constabulary's roads policing department, Norfolk County Council's casualty reduction section and the Safety Camera Partnership have worked together to reduce motorcycle collisions under the banner of Operation Hawk.

The partnership aims to achieve this through advice, education and enforcement.

Using undercover bikes and marked vans, officers visit popular motorcycle sites and events to reinforce the message.

They also operate regularly across weekend evenings from April until September and are able to track and read number plates of all offending vehicles.

Inspector David Ball from Norfolk Constabulary has welcomed the operation, saying: 'Statistics tell us of the disproportionately high number of motorcyclists that are killed and injured in comparison to the number of actual road users.

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'We want to encourage drivers and riders to 'think bike' and be careful and considerate in their driving or riding. Collisions devastate lives and are avoidable.

'We will work together with the wider community to reduce these collisions still further.'

Iain Temperton, Think Norfolk chairman, added his support saying: 'Anything that helps to make Norfolk's roads a safer place is desirable.

'Operation Hawk is another tool which we can use to help people to Think Bike and raise rider awareness across the county.'

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