Operation Apache results in Lowestoft arrests

A police operation in Lowestoft and other Suffolk towns which saw officers follow known offenders and film them has resulted in 28 arrests.

Operation Apache, which ran from January to March, saw police target a small number of prolific criminals in Lowestoft, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich.

The 28 arrests resulted in 58 charges being made against offenders with 18 charges involving car crime and six suspects being charged with burglary.

A team of eight Lowestoft officers followed a small group offenders who were responsible for a spree of burglaries, robberies and drug-related crime.

As well as following and filming prolific offenders, officers knocked on their doors and talked to their girlfriends to see what they had been up to.

Offenders were also given the chance to speak to a drugs and alcohol action team to try and address any drug-related crime they committed.

Det Insp Andy Footer, who ran the operation said: 'Operation Apache has proved to be an effective weapon in our arsenal of tactics to use in the war against burglary, car crime, thefts and street robberies.

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'By targeting these individuals, they have been unable to commit a number of offences. More than 200 home visits were made to the individuals, emphasising our commitment to the operation.'

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