One third of East Anglian residents consider owning a car as unnecessary

One third of East Anglians consider owning a car as unnecessary. Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

One third of East Anglians consider owning a car as unnecessary. Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A new survey has revealed that a third of East Anglian households consider cars as redundant, and almost half don't even have access to a vehicle.

Increasing use of public transport and lift sharing has resulted in the region's drivers steering away from car ownership.

The survey revealed almost half of households in the East are without access to a car, and 32% feel owning one is unnecessary.

Of those people opposed to car ownership, 74% indicated public transport was the best way to get around.

Cost is a key factor involved in the declining use of cars, and in particular the price of fuel, with a quarter stating the price of petrol is two high.

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Henrik Jensen, UK Managing Director of Ubeeqo, said: 'With owning a car becoming increasingly unaffordable – especially in major cities – people are seeking alternative ways to get around.

The survey, conducted by transportation app Ubeego, looked into everyday items that are seen as redundant by East Anglian residents.

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Top of the list was VHS, which 94% of people have ditched completely.

Full list of redundant items in East Anglia:

1. VHS

2. Yellow Pages

3. Fax Machines

4. Video recorders

5. Encyclopedias

6. Fold-up maps

7. Cheque book

8. Bedside alarm clock

9. Pocket calculator

10. Address book

11. CDs

12. Pocket/desk diaries

13. Landline phones

14. DVDs

15. Letters/postcards

16. Physical photo albums

17. Digital cameras

18. Paperback/hardback books

19. Oyster card

20. Cash and coins

21. Car

How many of these do you no longer use? Let us know the numbers in the comments.

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