Olympic torch carrier Tom has ‘fantastic’ day in King’s Lynn

Young Farmer able to keep his tracksuit and torch as a memento

Among the local runners in the Lynn section was Tom Collison, 17, of Terrington St Clement who is national junior member of the year for the Young Farmers.

'It was a really great day, very exciting, absolutely fantastic. The noise from the crowd as we ran through was incredible,' he said.

A student at Spalding Grammar School where he is studying for his A-levels, he has been able to keep both his tracksuit and the torch he carried in Lynn town centre as reminders of the event.

He said the day would be one which would always stay in his memory.

He was nominated by the Young Farmers as he has been a member since the age of ten and helps out with the Countrysiders, aimed at younger children, in his home village.

'My ultimate dream is to get as many people as possible from all walks of life, including those with special needs, involved in Young Farmers and make sure they benefit in the same way I have. Young Farmers has transformed me from a shy person into the person I am now and this is why I volunteer with Countrysiders as I believe I can help make a difference to other young peoples lives.'