Occupy Norwich protesters to remain in city centre camp over Christmas

Protesters camped out in Norwich city centre say they will remain in place during the Christmas period.

About 200 people descended on Haymarket on October 15 as part of the Occupy protests around the world and while the numbers in the camp have dwindled since, a small group remains.

About half a dozen protesters, campaigning against social and economic injustice, are camping there full-time while about the same number visit during the day.

Ian Baker, a 34-year-old husband and father-of one from the Unthank Road areas, camped out for seven weeks, but left due to family commitments.

However, he regularly visits and is still involved in the protest.

The wind turbine designer said: 'For me the interesting thing was talking to the public, getting people talking to each other.

'It is interesting the degree to which people agree that inequality in society is too great.

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'I think the movement as a whole has made the debate pretty mainstream.

'I think we've got people thinking about the way our society is structured and run.

'I would like to think if those who rioted were more enlightened and educated, they would be with us rather than rioting.'

Kitt Moorhouse, 24, from Wymondham, has lived at the camp since November 5 while working as telesales operator nearby.

'You get interesting discussions with people walking past. We've raised awareness and made people think. Camps are across the world, we're just doing our bit. Apart from the cold, it's good,' he said.

Student Lisa Cooper, 22, who works the stall at the Haymarket said the protesters had not affected trade and her only concern was their wellbeing, given the cold and the age of some.

Supplies are being brought in, so the protesters will enjoy a Christmas lunch tomorrow at the camp.

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