Obstacle course gets off to flying start

Two top drone pilots took on a challenging obstacle course made up of Ford cars.

Two top drone pilots took on a challenging obstacle course made up of Ford cars. - Credit: Ford

Ford has brought together one of the world's most exciting new sports and some of its finest fast cars to create a new video called Dronekhana.

Two of the planet's best drone pilots tackle a unique obstacle course that includes a drifting Ford Focus RS, a smoking Ford Mustang, and a robot.

Pilots Luke Bannister and Brett Collis navigate their drones remotely with the help of special goggles, which provide a first-person view as they fly under the Ford Ranger pick-up and through the Ford B-Max's pillarless doors. A rig of 36 GoPro cameras captured the drones mid-action in a style made famous by the 1999 film The Matrix.

'It's basically like stepping into the cockpit. It was a tough course and we had some mishaps – but at least the Mustang's all right, that's all that matters,' said 16-year-old World Drone Prix champion Luke Bannister who took on the course with Tornado XBlades team mate and fellow Brit, Brett Collis, 22.

Named in tribute to the YouTube phenomenon Gymkhana, starring Focus RS consultant Ken Block, Dronekhana was filmed at Ford's European headquarters in Cologne, Germany, the city which this week hosts Gamescom Europe's biggest interactive games trade fair. It follows previous 'Snowkhana' videos that have become a festive Ford tradition.

Watch the Dronekhana video at www.EDP24/home/motoring

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