Olga Kerr: founder of Cromer zoo

Olga Kerr in 2005

Olga Kerr in 2005 - Credit: Archant

Former owner of the Cromer Zoo Olga Kerr, who was also well known for being the daughter of famous clown Coco, has died aged 91.

She was the long-time owner of the zoo, at Howards Hill, which she ran for more than 20 years.

The family-run attraction, which she started with her husband Alex, a former tiger trainer who died in 1970, opened in March 1962 with her famous father in attendance.

It was home to many animals including a bear, leopard and pelican, and it included many births from the puma called Paula, who had more than 30 cubs.

It remained until Christmas Day 1983 with Olga reluctantly deciding to close due to the cost.

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It was also a chosen location for filming a comedy sketch by Spike Milligan.

The zoo also saw Olga in the headlines, including when there were some escaped animals.

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Seven year old Lisa the lioness escaped from her travelling crate in 1984 when being taken to her new home in Cornwall and had to be shot by police marksmen.

Two years later Marjorie, a six year old elephant, climbed out of her enclosure but was lured home by members of the Kerr family.

After the closure she retired to North Walsham where she stayed and was very active in the church.

Mrs Kerr is survived by her children Rod Kerr and Francine Plummer, grandchildren Alex and Matthew and great-grandchildren Danyal, Isabella and Hannah.

Mr Kerr said: 'We are devastated at our loss.'

Arrangements for a funeral service are currently being made by the family.

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