The family of a beloved sportsman and former publican who died suddenly at the age of 72 has paid tribute.

Philip John Tye was born on April 14, 1950, in Quidenham, near Attleborough – the first of many Norfolk villages he would go on to call home.

As well as being known for playing a variety of sports, he was also a familiar face behind the bar.

Paying tribute to him, his family said: “Everyone who knew Philip will remember him for his hospitality, jokes, and humour.

“He was a real character and always had time for everyone and loved to banter. Those who came into contact with him would never be sad in his company.

“He lived life to the full and enjoyed singing at Karaoke nights entertaining the audience, even though he was always two beats behind but as long as everyone there were enjoying themselves that's what counted.”

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Mr Tye married Judith on October 23, 1971. They had two sons together; Marcus (1972) and Ashley (1973).

He was known locally for his skills on the pitch in goal and made it into the pages of the Pink Un regularly during the 1960s and 1970s.

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He played for Norwich Youth, Harwich, Ipswich, Thetford Rovers, Wymondham Town, and Watton, and Sunday teams Spooner Row and Shropham. He also played for Norfolk school boys and East Anglia school boys, and for a while managed Attleborough football team.

Mr Tye loved cricket and played for Hardingham and captained Elsing, where he played in the same team as his eldest son. He also captained Watton cricket team while working as a green grocer, and played for Norfolk over 50s.

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Many will also remember him as the landlord of the Flying Fish in Carbrooke, Broom Hall in Saham Toney, The West End at Saxlingham Thorpe, The Lodge at North Tuddenham and later The Mustard Pot at Whinburgh, where he opened a Mexican restaurant.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he gave himself the challenge of standing as a UKIP South Norfolk candidate and received what he described as “a surprising number” of votes.

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Outside of his working and sports life, he authored the novel Skylarks and Gold Sovereigns. The story was loosely based on tales his beloved father had told him.

He loved to shoot and go brushing with his gun dogs while socialising with friends.

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His family added: “Philip was a popular man and always saw the best in people but his true vocation in life was being a great host and making people laugh.”

Mr Tye died suddenly at home on Thursday, August 18.

He has left behind his wife of 50 years, sons, and grandchildren Joselean, Alfie, Tommy, Rene-Mae and Ruby.

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