The kindness and passion of a woman who worked tirelessly to help a town and its residents has been remembered after her death.

Lucinda Walker, known as Lucy, passed away on Tuesday, July 12, and has been hailed as being a "breath of fresh air" for Bungay.

The 44-year-old was involved in many aspects of life in Bungay, from organising the town's Christmas lights to helping local businesses reach their potential.

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Her husband James said: "Lucy was the most kind and beautiful person I have ever met. I have known her for all her life but it was only six years ago we got together as a couple, marrying in January 2017 and making me the happiest and most grateful man in the world.

"Having almost lost Lucy to a serious illness in the spring of last year, I am, and will eternally be, grateful for the additional time we have had together.

"Her loving kindness will be remembered and treasured forever.

"Along with her intelligence and elegance, Lucy had many endearing qualities, particularly her ability to engage with people and work tirelessly to make their lives better.

"From organising Bungay Christmas Lights to instigating the artisan market at the Buttercross, the first of which will take place this Saturday, July 23, which is an event I know she was looking forward to.

"With so many more behind the scenes activities for the benefit of the people of Bungay, and by putting service before self, Lucy has left a legacy in Bungay of which I am, and she would have been, justifiably proud."

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Her father Hugh Robertson said his daughter's activities in Bungay "reflect her personality and character".

He said: "Lucinda would tackle any challenge or person with boundless enthusiasm and energy, not taking 'no' for an answer was hard wired into her person.

"She could achieve so much by persuasion and the phrase 'being able to work the phone' was made for her.

"While that side of her personality might be categorised as being 'hard', the other side of the coin was her unfettered compassion and willingness to help others, even when she was very ill herself.

"For Lucy, convalescence was just getting on with the job regardless of the cost to herself.

"She brought a wicked sense of humour to every occasion and, when circumstances permitted, an infectious joie de vivre.

"Her family and friends will miss a wonderful woman with so many talents. She lived life at full throttle and will be sorely missed by so many whose lives she touched.

"If she had a regret, it would be that she had so much she still wanted to do."

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Earlier this year, Mrs Walker was instrumental in launching the Better in Bungay brand, as part of efforts to rid the town of it's "quaint" perception and transform it into a "bustling and vibrant" destination.

She served as deputy chair of the Bungay Events and Business Association for a number of years, as well as working on the town council's tourism and heritage working party.

Her work on the East Suffolk Towns initiative for Bungay continued, including having a meeting with East Suffolk Council representatives the day before she died where she was "fizzing with ideas", her BEBA colleague Didy Ward said, hailing her as a "real tour de force in getting things done."

The BEBA chair said: "Lucy was a breath of fresh air, arriving in Bungay to blow away so many of our dusty cobwebs.

"Where so many shook their heads and said things couldn’t be done, or had always been done in a certain way, Lucy just got on and did it.

"She made things happen, from giving new life to the Christmas Lights Switch On to snapping on her marigolds and cleaning the litter bins before the Jubilee celebrations.

"She had vision and was not afraid of getting her hands dirty.

"She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind at our BEBA meetings and was always on the side of all of our independent retailers.

"I will miss my co-conspirator, confidante and friend.”

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In May, Mrs Walker carried the Festival of Suffolk torch alongside Martha Coleman from Bungay Community Support as part of its relay tour of the county.

Miss Coleman, who worked alongside Mrs Walker on a number of projects in the town, said: "Lucy was a founding member of Bungay Emergency Community Support and key to its successful launch as an emergency community service at the start of the Covid lockdown in March 2020.

"Her commitment, kindness and energy, along with her capacity to put others at ease, was hugely valued by co-workers and residents in those difficult early days.

"She was a truly reliable team player who was always prepared to go the extra mile to get a job done well.

"When BECS made the transition to BCS she continued to be part of the volunteer team, answering calls from the local community, coordinating the drivers to respond to requests and occasionally driving too when demand was high.

"She was always ready to help anyone in need and her community spirit shone through in everything she did, and was one of the first to volunteer for our befriending scheme.

"We were both lucky enough to have been nominated to carry the torch in the Festival of Suffolk torch relay.

"I couldn't think of a better person to be sat next to as she truly embodied everything Bungay.

"As we travelled around Bungay we spent the whole time laughing and smiling and she even arranged for us to have matching t-shirts to wear.

"She was never afraid of a challenge and whilst there was lots of work to do to organise the town's Jubilee celebrations she took it all in her stride.

"Always running around, she didn't stop the entire weekend and gave up so much of her time to make sure we had a successful weekend.

"Lucy has done so much for Bungay and will be sorely missed by all at BCS and so many people in the town."

Details of a funeral service in Bungay and the interment of her ashes near to her family home in Denia, Spain, will be announced at a later date.