Not indicating voted most irritating driving habit

Drivers not using indicators really annoys other road users. Picture: supplied

Drivers not using indicators really annoys other road users. Picture: supplied - Credit: supplied

UK motorists find other road users not indicating more annoying than bad parking and talking on a mobile phone.

Not indicating has been identified as the habit that really gets under the skin of UK drivers.

According to a poll of 1,028 drivers, who were asked to select from a list what annoyed them most about being a driver in the UK, 72% found this act the most irritating.

However, those talking on a mobile phone while driving – now a six-penalty point offence – annoyed 71% of those surveyed.

The driver poll was split equally between men and women, resulting in some different responses. For instance, men are more likely than women to be irritated by slow drivers – but both found not indicating equally annoying.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: 'Failing to indicate is not just incredibly irritating, it is also dangerous as it causes confusion for drivers. As well as being the cause of many accidents, it unnecessarily holds motorists up as they wait for vehicles to go by only to find they then miraculously take a turning.'

Meanwhile, 52% of drivers were irritated by traffic jams, while bad parking was an issue for 56% of recipients.

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The survey, conducted by YourParkingSpace, also found that drivers had different opinions depending on where they lived with 40% of respondents from England believing parking fees were too expensive, while just 29% of drivers from Scotland thought the same thing.

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