Man bills date £5 for G&T after she said she ‘wasn’t feeling it’

Glasses of a gin and tonic cocktail. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Glasses of a gin and tonic cocktail. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A woman received a shock this week when a man she'd been on a date with billed her for her drink.

The woman - believed to be from Norwich - went on a date earlier this week, but later decided the potential relationship wasn't for her and let her date know over text.

In the message, she said: 'Take care and it was nice meeting you. X'

But, after sending the text wishing the man 'lots of luck' in finding his special person, the woman was shocked to receive a reply asking for a reimbursement of £4.95 for the gin and tonic he bought her during their date.

In his reply to the message the man said: 'Oh dear. It's expensive being a man being rejected all the time.

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'Please be kind enough to put £4.95 in my account to pay for your drink.'

After hearing about her mum's experience, the woman's daughter Sophie shared a screen shot of the text exchange online.

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Posting the image on Twitter she said: 'Mum went out on a date and wasn't feeling it, the guy fully texted her and asked her to send him £4.95 for her g&t.'

Unsurprisingly the tweet got lots of attention with one Twitter user even suggesting the woman set up a standing order to man's bank account of 1p a month for 495 months.

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