Norwich’s newest television channel Mustard TV launches three new programmes

Nik Coleman is bringing 'fly on the wall' filming to the Queen's Head in Long Stratton.; Photo: Bill

Nik Coleman is bringing 'fly on the wall' filming to the Queen's Head in Long Stratton.; Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Archant © 2011

Since it first launched on Freeview Channel 8 in March, Mustard TV has broadcast into tens of thousands of homes across the county. Now, the station has three new programmes on its schedule. Catherine Morris-Gretton finds out more about the shows.

The Vegas Fame Index

The Vegas Fame Index - Credit: Archant

Tales with... is a storytelling series featuring Norfolk authors reading from their own books. In the first six programmes of the series for children, Tom Blofeld, author and owner of the Bewilderwood adventure park, reads his first book from the marshes of Norfolk it was set in.

Tom Blofeld of Bewilderwood, ready in the storyteller's chair as a new exhibition, Magic Worlds: Fan

Tom Blofeld of Bewilderwood, ready in the storyteller's chair as a new exhibition, Magic Worlds: Fantasy, Illusion and Enchantment, is set up at Norwich Castle Museum. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2013

Called A Boggle at Bewilderwood, the story follows Swampy, a young marsh Boggle who goes out exploring the scary lake, to find something large lurking in the water.

'What I like is reading books to children,' said Mr Blofeld.

'I have done audiobooks and I have read a lot for radio. I go and read at schools a lot and do poetry workshops, so I really enjoyed doing this for Mustard TV.'

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These six programmes are aimed at children of all ages, but particularly those who appreciate delicious food and exciting adventures.

Mr Blofeld, who has written five books in the Bewilderwood series, said he was trying to write for 25 years before getting his first work published.

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All his stories are illustrated by Steve Pearce and set in Norfolk – in the marshes and woods of Mr Blofeld's childhood.

'We are a family that have lived here forever,' he said. 'We have lived in the same house for 400 years.' Tales with Tom is on Tuesdays at 5.45pm.

The Music Mash

The Music Mash is 15 minutes of news, interviews, reviews and previews of the 'varied and vibrant' Norfolk music scene. Hosted by Si Holden from The Vegas Fame Index, the programme's aim is to provide a platform for local bands, venues and promoters.

'It's really being passionate about local music and giving artists the option of getting their music out to a wider world,' said Mr Holden.

'When I was in my first band in Norfolk 10 years ago, we would have snapped at the chance to appear on a local TV station.

'We would have bitten their hands off to appear on something like this.'

Mr Holden, who is from Cromer, went to Brighton and studied at a modern music college. The end of his first band, Some Best Friend, led to a difficult time, but life is back on track and extremely busy for the father-of-two, who is in local bands The Vegas Fame Index and Liqueur – a tribute to The Cure.

'The local music scene is incredibly wide and varied and the digital era has given people the opportunity to develop their own tastes,' he said.

'It isn't just art rock bands that Norwich was known for but also indie bands, acoustic acts, folk acts.

'The scene is really varied, really vibrant and really healthy.' The Music Mash will be on Wednesdays at 7.15pm.

Planet Norfolk

'Daft but not stupid' is how filmmaker Nik Coleman describes his reality TV series Planet Norfolk.

Reworked especially for Mustard TV, it features the life and work of ordinary yet sometimes eccentric people in the county. But Mr Coleman is keen to emphasise that unlike other reality shows, nothing you see in Planet Norfolk is staged or scripted.

'It's very good for the county,' he said.

'It shows us as real and warm and engaging and able to laugh at ourselves. It shows businesses working hard through the recession and some really engaging characters.'

The original series of Planet Norfolk was aired on Sky TV, but this series has been made with Mustard TV in mind.

'We went about re-imagining it, with new characters and narrated by a local person.

'It feels like a very different series. We have even given it a new name Planet Norfolk – The County Cut.'

And it is certainly putting the county on the map, with people coming from abroad to visit locations in the show.

On May 31, there is a chance to get involved in the next series of Planet Norfolk, as auditions for the programme are being held at McDonald's in Brundall from noon until 3pm. Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to attend. You don't have to act, you don't have to sing, just be yourself,' said Mr Coleman.

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