Norwich’s Indigo Dyslexia Centre launches new video

A Norwich centre which helps people who have dyslexia is hoping to widen its reach by unveiling a new video.

The learning difficulty primarily affects reading and spelling skills, and so the Indigo Dyslexia Centre wanted to find an easier way for people to learn about how it can help, rather than having to read a leaflet or its website.

The charity, which is based at the Charing Cross Centre in St John Maddermarket, has been working in Norwich since 2003, and offers free advice and guidance, but also has a shop and a series of paid-for services available.

Chief executive Martin Parsonage said: 'Our clients often struggle with reading and writing and so we didn't want them to have to read our website.

'We had the video professionally made to explain what we do and how we do it.

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'We started 10 years ago on a dining room table with volunteers and it was borne out of frustrated individuals who were dyslexic themselves.

'We started giving advice but then realised that what we were telling people they neededm, such as a tutor, wasn't available, so as an organisation we started looking at supplying these services.'

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Now Indigo is expecting 800 clients to visit its free drop-in resource centre this year and its specialist tutors and mentors are currently supporting more than 30 dyslexic children and adults.

It is estimated that one in 10 people are dyslexic, and the centre receives calls for help from people all over the world, but it mainly serves the population of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cmabridgeshire,

It also runs accredited courses in dyslexia for parents and educational professionals, as well as offering screening and disabled students' allowance needs assessments.

Dougal Cameron, a needs assessor for Indigo, said: 'The video is a good way of showing the diverse range of services we provide. A lot of people think we are just a learning shop, but do we a lot more.'

The centre can be contacted on 0845 347 9322. To see the new video long on to or go to

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