Norwich RSPCA appeal for operation to save puppy from amputation

An animal charity is appealing for the public's support following the arrival of a puppy in desperate need of a potentially life-saving operation.

Buster, a five-month-old rottweiler cross arrived at the RSPCA Norwich and Mid-Norfolk's Paws Centre with a broken leg that had been allowed to set without veterinary intervention.

Katie Surman, animal care assistant at the centre in Barrack Street, Norwich, said: 'Buster desperately needs this operation so that his leg is allowed to heal properly.

'He needs the op to help the bone that is trying to grow, despite the obvious disfigurement. Left alone, he will be in pain and will not be able to support his weight. This operation will effectively save his life, as it will prevent arthritis occurring in his lower foot and elbow joints. The only other option for Buster is amputation which will shorten his life span considerably as the break is in his front leg.'

The RSPCA Norwich branch is a local and independent charity which relies completely on public support and is appealing to the general public to donate towards Buster's operation.

Branch operations manager Sophie Howlett said: 'We were initially told that Buster's operation would cost �3,000, however we are hoping to get it down to �1,200. He is a lovely puppy, and has a wonderful temperament.

'Each of our dogs cost us around �500 to rehabilitate and rehome, and that is without the additional medical treatment some of them need – like Buster.'

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Buster will be available for adoption following the operation and recovery period. To make a donation to help Buster, and others like him, log on to or contact The Paws Centre on 01603 766001.

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