Norwich residents become radio stars

Life in Mile Cross - in the words of the people who live there - is the subject of an unusual radio documentary.

For the last five months media and international development students from the University of East Anglia have been making a the show for the community radio station Future Radio, which is broadcast today.

The 10 students interviewed more than 20 people aged between 30 and 70 who have all lived in the area for their entire lives.

Among those interviewed in the Norman Centre and on the streets was former boxer George Blazeby, young mothers and a retired radio technician.

People listening to the show will hear the participants being asked what they like about Mile Cross and the city as a whole, what they would change about it and their views on community radio.

Anyone tuning in will hear a mix of positive and negative comments.

Positive remarks include 'Norwich people, I think, are friendly,' 'I have lived in Norwich all my life, it is a city I love' and 'I suppose Norwich is a fairly safe place to live'.

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Other comments were there was plenty to do in the city and there were a lot of places to go.

Negatives views on Norwich included that there are too many night clubs on Prince of Wales Road and too many cars on the city's streets.

When asked what they would change about the city, the Mile Cross residents said more entertainment venues, leave the oldest parts of the city alone and increase the number of youth clubs.

One remark is already out of date as one participant said: 'I'd like the football team to go up to the premier division.'

Kayonaaz Kalyanwala, from India, is one of the students who made the film. He said: 'We were able to collect a huge range of opinions from people who had very strong feelings for Norwich.

'Almost everyone we talked to had something to say about how charming the city is. A few also share concerns about growing traffic congestion, the increasing number of pubs and lack of facilities for young people.'

• The show is on at 10.30am on Future Radio on 107.8FM. You can also listen to some of it afterwards on the Evening News website at

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