Norwich pub theatre hailed a success

Norwich's first taste of pub theatre in modern times has been hailed a success.

Theatre lovers have been heading to the back room of the Birdcage pub this festive season to see new play 'Mincing the Pies', pictured.

The production, which is on until tomorrow, is the first to come from performance troupe Velvet Canteen and marks the first time theatre has been brought to a city pub.

To devise 'Mincing the Pies', stars and producers of the show Hetty Rance and Danny O'Hara, who both live in Norwich, asked customers at The Birdcage to leave a message about what mince pies meant to them.

Ms O'Hara, 40, who lives in Earlham and runs Slow Theatre Company, said: 'It's been exciting and we've learnt a lot of things.

'We've had some really good responses and we've had people who have never been to The Birdcage before. Those who have enjoyed it have really enjoyed it and have come back again.'

The duo have planned a Valentine's Day event and hope to have four or five productions this coming year.

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Tammie Falco, 36, from Easton, who watched the show for a second time yesterday, said: 'I really enjoyed it. I've never been to this pub before and now I've been twice in one week.'

Mincing the Pies is on today and tomorrow at 3pm and 6pm. Entry �4.

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