First peregrine falcon flight of 2018 from Norwich Cathedral

Peregrines in the skiesl. Photo: Andy Thompson

Peregrines in the skiesl. Photo: Andy Thompson - Credit: Archant

The first peregrine chick has successfully fledged from the spire of Norwich Cathedral.

Just before 6.30am on Wednesday, the first chick from the 2018 brood took flight, and landed safely on the bell tower.

Three chicks have hatched this year from a batch of four eggs laid by the pair of peregrine falcons, observed by the Hawk and Owl Trust.

It is the first year the young birds will not be tracked, as The Hawk and Owl Trust decided against ringing them for safety reasons.

They said in a statement the female is a 'relatively inexperienced bird who is also large, clumsy and inclined to react strongly to situations and has already suffered two punctured eggs from her own claws, and the tragic loss of a chick last year after she caught it in her talons when spooked off the nest.'

They Trust said the risks were too great to the safety of the birds and decided against climbing the spire to ring the chicks.

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