Mum and two children rescued from flooded car by complete stranger

Whitney McKernan-Sullivan with her two children Zakary and Caleb

Whitney McKernan-Sullivan with her two children Zakary and Caleb - Credit: Whitney McKernan-Sullivan

A mother has told of the horrifying moment she and her two children came within moments of drowning in a flooded car - only for a complete stranger to dramatically dive to their rescue.

Whitney McKernan-Sullivan, 28, from Norwich, had made a late dash to the shops to buy some last-minute Christmas presents on Wednesday evening when her Ford Focus became stranded in floodwater on Green Lane.

She attempted to reverse out and heard a large bang and her car rapidly began filling with water - with her and sons Caleb and Zakary, seven and six, stuck inside.

She immediately dialled 999, but within moments the water went from just above their feet to almost to the roof, with Miss McKernan-Sullivan unable to open the doors.

Soon it was almost entirely submerged, with Miss Kernan-Sullivan desperately trying to escape while her children frantically cried for help.

Whitney McKernan-Sullivan's car is completely submerged in water

Whitney McKernan-Sullivan's car is completely submerged in water - Credit: Whitney McKernan-Sullivan

The mum-of-two, of Clancy Road, said: "It was terrifying, The children were panicking and I was trying desperately to keep them calm and open the door but it just wouldn't open because of the water pressure.

"I tried beeping the horn to get somebody's attention. I could see one car had approached but turned around. At one stage one of the boys was screaming saying 'mummy we are going to drown'."

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But it turned out the driver of the car that turned around had instead driven around the block to the other side of the flooding and returned to help.

She added: "He was amazing. As soon as I saw him come towards the door I pushed the children in front of me so he could grab them, which he did.

"He then let the children sit in his car to dry, helped calm them down and then stayed with us until their father could pick them up and take them to their grandparent's house, He even drove me home afterwards.

"All I know about him is his name is James, I'd guess he was in his early 20s and said he lived nearby, but without him, we might not even be here.

"I just can't possibly thank him enough - it restores your faith in humanity."

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