Norwich mother’s new burger van venture offers more time with young sons

Connie George, right, with her Trumpet and Crumpet van, and a slow cooked pork and homemade salsa bu

Connie George, right, with her Trumpet and Crumpet van, and a slow cooked pork and homemade salsa bun, with her sister Emma. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

Known for polystyrene cups of tea and coffee, bacon sandwiches and the humble quarter-pounder, burger vans often provide a well-needed boost for weary drivers on their travels.

But a Norwich mother of two has opened a roadside van with a twist as a way of spending more time with her two young sons.

Despite having a secure role in marketing, Connie George took a leap of faith most would shy away from and set up Crumpet and Trumpet, based in Wymondham, with a focus on fine dining on the go.

'I started looking at the idea last summer. My husband was working away a lot in London and I wanted something a bit more flexible that fit round my children. It was a risk but it was something I was prepared to do,' she said. A keen hostess, the 38 year old used her flair for cooking to devise a menu offering all the classics – with a gourmet overhaul.

'We do a lot of events and cooking at home so it was just trying to extend that, but everywhere is full of cafes and we came up with the idea of the van. We wanted to offer more than the usual and started looking at how we could make the van stand out.'

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Sandwiches will feature bacon from Mulbarton and there will be locally-made granola, yoghurt and a hand-made coffee blend.

The lunch menu includes slow-cooked harissa lamb flatbread with roasted red pepper, artichoke and tomato salad with cumin yoghurt, with a selection of cakes and teas.

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The venture was launched in May and Mrs George, of Stoke Road, Dunston, now spends Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at the Gateway 11 business park in Wymondham and afternoons outside six-year-old Fred and seven-year-old George's school.

'It's been really lovely because I get to see my children, pick them up from school every day and talk to all the other children's mothers at the school, which I've never been able to do. It is such a simple pleasure but it's still a novelty to me,' she said.

And if it's a simple burger you're after, Crumpet and Trumpet won't disapppoint.

'I did put a really good burger on the menu – with bacon and cheese. People are often after the usual burger – but it is a little bit more gourmet,' she admitted.

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