Norwich man to appear on television gameshow tonight

A Norfolk man will take centre stage on the BBC's prime time television gameshow Total Wipeout tonight.

Peter Hastings, a lawyer at Norwich's Rogers and Norton Solicitors, took on the cult show's challenging assault course in November and tonight his exploits will be screened to the nation.

'All New Total Wipeout: International Special' hits screens at 5.40pm on BBC1 and sees the 44-year-old complete the challenge set by his sons last year.

He cannot reveal what happens, but he light-heartedly admits: 'I thought I was going to die trying to get around the course! But I managed to complete it and it is a great experience that I can take to my grave with me.'

After passing an audition in London, Mr Hastings was shortlisted for the show, which is often enjoyed for the calamitous failures of regular people trying to complete the physically demanding course in Argentina. Presented by Top Gear's Richard Hammond, the show has proved popular light viewing for a Saturday evening, but Mr Hastings says it was far from easy.

He continued: 'Having taken on the likes of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, banks, PLCs and acting for clients in complex challenging cases, I knew this would be my hardest challenge! I spent about a week out there and had no preparation at all, I hadn't even watched an episode of the show from beginning to end. The course was just outside Buenos Aires and there are 36 other countries that record episodes on the course as well. There were 18 of us and it was Great Britain against the rest of the world, so some people were taking it very seriously.

'And then there was me, who didn't really know what they were doing!'

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The object of the show is to complete the tricky course in the shortest time, with plenty of pit falls to avoid along the way – to avoid elimination from the first round. The competition is eventually whittled down to three to compete over a tougher course for a �10,000 prize, with the quickest time again winning the round.

Mr Hastings said: 'I survived to tell the tale. I am sure I will provide amusement to viewers.'

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