Norwich man punched in the face by a pensioner he tried to rob

The trial started today. Picture Archant Library.

The trial started today. Picture Archant Library. - Credit: PA

A Norwich man was punched in the face by a pensioner who he was trying to rob outside a newsagents, a court heard.

Jordan Sheldrake was forced to flee empty-handed after being confronted by his 71-year-old victim.

The 20-year-old from Norwich had been thrown off a train in Telford the previous day and needed cash for ticket back to Norfolk.

Sheldrake was sentence to two years in a young offenders' institution when he appeared via a video link at Shrewsbury Crown Court.

The attempt to rob pensioner Alan Jones happened in February last year when Sheldrake had visited friends and had lost his ticket home and was put off a train in Telford.

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Having slept rough over night he needed money for a ticket back to Norwich and had tried to rob Mr Jones as the pensioner was collecting his newspaper.

Sheldrake, from Norwich but with no fixed address, had admitted attempted robbery at an earlier hearing.

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The court heard the defendant had a record of assaults, including two robberies in 2012 and 2015, and was in breach of a detention and training order at the time of the offence.

Graham Russell, prosecuting, said Sheldrake had a nail file and had exposed the wider part to the victim making it look like he had a knife.

'But Mr Jones was quick-witted enough and had the courage to punch the defendant who then ran off,' he said.

The court heard that, while the victim had appeared stoic about what happened, he had been shaken and disturbed and was left feeling apprehensive and 'looking over his shoulder' when he went out.

Paul Smith, for Sheldrake, said his client had a 'chaotic background' and had been receiving treatment and counselling and had a place to go in Norwich when he was released.

He said Sheldrake had written to the victim and was anxious to apologise and express his remorse.

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