New life skills room opened to help disabled young people prepare for adulthood

A team from Loveday & Partners helped to transform the new life skills room at Norwich disability ch

A team from Loveday & Partners helped to transform the new life skills room at Norwich disability charity Nansa's centre in Bowthorpe Road. Picture: Nansa - Credit: Nansa

After nearly two months on the project, volunteers were delighted to open a new life skills room for disabled young people preparing for adulthood.

A team from Norwich financial planning firm Loveday & Partners volunteered to transform the room at Nansa's adult centre in Bowthorpe Road, Norwich.

They spent an afternoon a week at the disability charity centre since early October and officially opened the new room at the on Wednesday, December 12.

The room will be used for Nansa's milestone project which helps 18-25 years olds with disabilities preparing for adulthood, by helping them with their communication skills, work experience and travel.

Deborah Bourassa, Loveday and Partners director, said: 'It was a privilege for our team to work with the Nansa team on this exciting project.

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'We felt uplifted meeting the staff and members and by the positive energy and optimistic sense of purpose that pervaded the centre and in all you do.

'Thank you for this first opportunity to help, we hope it's not the last.'

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Tom Garrod, chief executive of Nansa, said 'We are very grateful to Deborah, Lisa, Kai, Jessica, Sadie, Corrina and Nicky for giving up their time to come at do this for us.

'I am in awe of their passion and commitment to the charity and cannot thank them enough.

'This means that we are now able to offer people with disabilities a safe environment to develop their life skills as part of our milestones project.'

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