Norwich labelling company offers fruits of their labour cancer charity

The team of walkers from Sinclair International. Picture: Matthew Hall

The team of walkers from Sinclair International. Picture: Matthew Hall - Credit: Submitted

Walking is one of the many ways a person can keep themselves healthy and active.

And a company from Norwich will be pulling on their hiking boots as they attempt to walk the North Norfolk Coast Path in just 24 hours for charity.

The route is 47 miles long but the team of 10 walkers from Sinclair International, a fruit labelling company, has pushed the starting point back to make the journey 50 miles.

Starting at 7pm on July 14, the group will begin in Hunstanton before following the path down the coastline to Cromer where a welcoming party will be waiting for them on Cromer Pier.

The team of men, aged 26 to 46, are also taking the opportunity to raise money for the Cancer Trust, as a number have in some way been affected by the disease.

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Ricky Stefanetti, 32, health and safety coordinator at the company, said: 'We will be walking nonstop which should take us around 24 hours. We have been doing some routes together, several 25 and 35 mile walks, and the last one was a trial run.'

The group will be joined by a fellow member of staff in a support vehicle carrying water and supplies.

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'If anyone gets injured he'll be able to scoop us up and take us back to where we need to go - although no-one has been injured yet.' Mr Stefanetti added.

'The hardest part is after you've had a break and have to get up again and back walking because your legs start to seize up.

'We found that out on some of the training routes we have done.

'You stop for a 15 minute rest and all of a sudden your legs get tight and it's hard to get motivated to get going again.

'Also walking in darkness is going to be tough, so we have to do that when we are fresh, that's why we are starting in the evening and doing it at this time of year as there is only about six hours of darkness.'

Along the route, a pub has offered the group a free breakfast to keep them going.

They hope to raise £1,000 but are expecting to beat that target as their Just Giving page has already raised £850, with cash donations still to be counted.

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