Norwich is a great place for modern art say Norwich University College of the Arts students showcasing their work at The Forum

Students from Norwich University College of the Arts (NUCA) haved showcased their weird and wonderful work in a free exhibit at The Forum.

Year 2 fine art students yesterday displayed an array of different talents, themes and styles, with everything from multi-coloured portraiture to an interactive wooden coffin, which invited people to place in it the memories it evoked.

The idea was to exhibit NUCA students' work outside of the university.

Sam Harber, 20, from Heigham Street, Norwich, was one of those who thought it up.

Mr Harber, who was also exhibiting his piece which fused aluminium with an animal skull, said: 'We decided instead of doing the normal exhibits with NUCA, we would get it out in the public and get a proper critique of our work.

'Norwich is a nice environment for a young artist; it has quite a good scene and facilities. It is quite relaxed as well. It is not as stressful as big cities; it is nice to able to mull over your work.'

The students were counting the number of people who came through and the total exceeded 300.

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'Overall we've had good response. A few have been negative, but I think you always expect that,' said Mr Harber.

The exhibit will run until the end of Sunday.

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