Norwich Inspire Discovery Centre to close this weekend

A Norwich science centre will be forced to close its doors this weekend.

The Inspire Discovery Centre, which has been based at St Michael's Church on Oak Street, will close so that work can be done on the church tower.

People are being urged to visit the centre this weekend for its 'last hurrah'.

Staff at the centre had been told repairs needed to be done, but it has only just emerged that the discovery centre will have to move out before the work begins on March 28.

Currently the centre has nowhere to go.

On hearing the news, manager Michelle Fearn said it was a 'complete shock'.

'We are absolutely devastated to have to let down our visitors and everyone who has supported us over the last two years', she said.

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'We will be fighting every step of the way to find new premises and reopen as soon as possible. The reaction of customers already has been very touching and we thank everybody for their help, kind words and support. We are waiting for our own secret millionaire to come along and save the centre that we've worked so hard to maintain and that has had such an impact on so many children over the years', she said.

Inspire will continue to run as an outreach organisation for the foreseeable future and they hope to eventually reopen a new centre, although they are unable to say when.

The Inspire science cafe will be unaffected.

Last month Eaton Primary School pupils raised more than �400 for the charity.

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