‘I bounced away my sciatica’ - Norwich fitness instructor helps bedridden man overcome excruciating back pain

Wayne Mansfield with Boogie Bounce Instructor, Hayley Abbs. Photo: courtesy of Wayne Mansfield

Wayne Mansfield with Boogie Bounce Instructor, Hayley Abbs. Photo: courtesy of Wayne Mansfield - Credit: wayne mansfield

A hotel manager is on cloud nine after bouncing away his crippling sciatica.

Just 12 months ago dad of two, Wayne Mansfield, was bedridden with excruciating back pain after developing sciatica.

Now the 44-year-old from Hertfordshire is pain-free thanks to Hayley Abbs, a fitness instructor from Norwich, and a Boogie Bounce class.

Boogie Bounce is an exercise session held on a mini trampoline, choreographed to chart-topping music.

Mr Mansfield said: 'The sciatica came on over a period of three days at work - starting with shooting pains down the left side of my lower back and ended with my back seizing up completely.

'My GP prescribed physiotherapy and strong painkillers. Although the pills were good for the pain they left me good for nothing else!'

Miss Abbs, who works at the Holiday Inn on Ipswich Road in Norwich - one of the hotels Mr Mansfield manages - suggested he join her Boogie Bounce class.

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'My initial reaction was 'you must be joking'' he said. 'Not only would I be the only man in a room full of women, I was carrying extra weight and thought I'd look a complete idiot bouncing on a trampoline.

'But she insisted the low impact exercise would be brilliant for my back so I agreed to give it a go. Within two weeks I felt like a completely new person - able to walk and even run without my back hurting.'

One year on, he has shed a total of three stone and says he's never felt healthier or happier.

He added: 'To say Boogie Bounce has transformed my life is an understatement! I recommend it to everyone; five of my staff - men as well as women - are now regular bouncers.

'I can safely say this is the best I have felt in 15 years – fit, healthy and confident, again. I can't thank Hayley and Boogie Bounce enough.'

• Boogie Bounce classes take place at The Spirit Health Club at Holiday Inn, Norwich every day except Sundays. For times and prices visit hinorwichhotel.co.uk