Driver fined after leaving queue before entering Co-Op

A woman has been issued with a parking fine by NPE after a visit to Earlham House Shopping Centre ca

A National Parking Enforcement sign at Earlham House shopping centre. - Credit: copyright ARCHANT 2017

A man who was told to leave a convenience store car park due to social distancing measures has been given a parking fine - after a private firm said he had breached its rules by not entering the shop.

Maksim Kachovic, of Jex Lane, parked outside the East of England Co-Op Daily convenience store on Earlham Green Lane on January 7 to drop off a parcel at its post office counter. 

Mr Kachovic, who was on a 25-minute lunch break, said he drove off after being told he would have to wait to be served.

He was also asked to wait outside for social distancing purposes as there were too many customers inside the store.

Two weeks later, Mr Kachovic received a £100 parking charge letter from National Parking Enforcement Ltd, which suggested he had not been a customer at the store and therefore should not have parked outside. 

The East of England Co-Op Daily on Earlham Green Lane in Norwich.

The East of England Co-Op Daily on Earlham Green Lane in Norwich - Credit: Google Maps

Mr Kachovic said: "How can they claim I was not a customer when the pictures show I clearly had the intention to go inside? It is completely ridiculous." 

The company sent an appeal rejection letter to Mr Kachovic on February 15 which said they considered it in conjunction with the evidence gathered by photographic evidence and parking attendant notes. 

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The letter said: "The driver was observed not using the Co-Op and returning to the vehicle without entering Co-op."

A spokesperson for the East of England Co-op, said: “This parking charge notice was issued by an independent company that is not part of the East of England Co-operative Society but manages some of our car parks in line with the terms and conditions stated on the signage at each location.

“We urge our customers to follow the official appeals process if they feel they have received an incorrect charge.”

Julie Lecaille, director of National Parking Enforcement Ltd said the case has been reviewed again, and Mr Kachovic will be advised of the outcome. 

She said she was unable to share the outcome at this stage due to data protection. 

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