Norwich City player left watching Batman by roadside after getting a punctured tyre

Norwich City star Anthony Pilkington has been keeping his Twitter followers entertained this afternoon, after being taught a cruel lesson in Karma.

The tricky winger was unable to get round a large pothole and found he had punctured a tyre on his white Land Rover 4x4.

He soon posted on his Twitter account - @Pilkington_11 - saying: 'Does anybody know anyone in Norwich who can change my tyre or tow my car home? Hit a pot hole and now got flat tyre! HELP.'

The 24-year-old posted a photo of the punctured tyre and realised that he may be on the receiving end on some Karmic justice.

Last week Pilkington had been quick to laugh when his City team-mate James Vaughan, currently on a season-long loan with Huddersfield Town, also punctured a tyre on his Porsche.

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Pilkington then said: 'Can't believe it! #Fuming I suppose this is #Karma for laughing at @vaughany08 last week!!'

Canaries fans were soon retweeting the winger's problems and offering to come and pick him up but Pilkington didn't reveal where he was stranded.

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He tweeted again, saying: 'LandRover Assist to the rescue 15 mins away!! And yes I can change a tyre, Just don't want to get my T-Shirt dirty haha.'

Before he found a way to while away some time, watching some vintage Batman on his Land Rover's digital screen.

The whole ordeal was over by around 5.30pm however, with the City star still in good spirits, again tweeting: 'All done wheel sorted! Thanks for all your concern tweeps!! My alloy must be made of glass huge crack! #BuyCheapBuyTwice'

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