Norwich carer complains that BT gave her wrong information for three months

Befriender Denise Maskell who is upset that BT will not let her keep her phone number with her new p

Befriender Denise Maskell who is upset that BT will not let her keep her phone number with her new phone service, which she needs for her deafblind clients. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

A carer is to lose her telephone number despite stressing it was vital she kept it to enable her deaf and blind clients to contact her Denise Maskell, of Norwich, moved to a new build in August where there was no phone line.

The telephone giant installed a new line to her Norwich address and Mrs Maskell was told she could keep her previous phone number after signing up on October 10.

The mother-of-three said: 'After they installed the line I thought it was only right that I should go with them.

'I asked if I could keep my original number that I'd had for the last four years - they said they would get it released from Sky.'

Mrs Maskell is a communicator guide for deaf people in Norfolk, and said it's important for her clients to be able to contact her at the touch of a button.

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She said: 'It has been a hindrance and has cost me a fortune on my mobile phone to keep in touch.

'I was told my new number was only temporary and so didn't give it to anyone.'

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Alice Powell, 89, of Drayton, is partially sighted with limited hearing. She said she hoped Mrs Maskell would soon be able to return to her old number.

She said: 'My son had put Denise's number on speed dial and I could just press it to get through.

'Now I can't get her at all other than on her mobile, and I can't call mobiles all the time.'

'Denise means such a lot to me - I see her every week.

'She takes me out if it's not bad weather.

'My residential home is on a hill with no nearby shops - she comes in very handy for me.'

Mrs Maskell, who has three sons, David, 35, Rhys, 23 and Peyton, 11, said she phoned BT every few days, asking when her number would be restored.

'They're such a big company that I spoke to a different person every time I phoned,' she said.

'They never mentioned that I couldn't have the old number.'

A BT spokesman said: 'We are sorry for the problems that have been encountered with the incorrect information being offered on this move.

'As the new address is served by a different telephone exchange it is not possible for the number to be ported, and this should have been picked up at the start of the process.

'We will investigate and be in contact direct to discuss fully and explore options available.'

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