'Book holidays at your own risk': Travel agents face more Covid gloom

Nick Lee, Broadland Travel, Norfolk

Nick Lee, of Broadland Travel, is calling on more government support as holidays continue to be hit by the uncertainty surrounding foreign travel - Credit: Archant

Holidaymakers face booking trips 'at their own risk' says a Norfolk travel expert after Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza look set to return to amber.

After rising coronavirus cases, the government is considering bumping back the Balearics only a fortnight after giving them the green light for travel.

It comes as the government will also confront Malta over reports it refused to accept UK travellers vaccinated with a batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine, made in India.

Norfolk agent says travel to Majorca uncertain

Holidays to Majorca are aimed at being stress-free - but many are opting to cancel them because of the hassle and uncertainty. - Credit: PA

Meanwhile such is the confusion and uncertainty surrounding foreign travel, many people are choosing to cancel trips - preferring to take a financial hit than cope with the stress.

Travel agent Nick Lee, who runs Broadland Travel in North Walsham, said his business was taking a direct hit. He's had to cut down from three staff as well as himself to one because of the lack of bookings.

"I'm having to advise people to book at their own risk because there is the chance things may change and some people are doing this.

"However, many people are cancelling, prepared to lose money because they just can't cope with the stress."

Nicholas Lee, director of Broadland Travel. Pic: Archant library

Nicholas Lee, director of Broadland Travel, pictured in happier times. - Credit: Archant

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He called on the government to support the travel industry by extending furlough and grants.

"Business is limited and support is ending yet revenue is down; I am doing only around 20-30pc of my usual bookings for a year.

"The problem is even with countries such as Malta; it won't take unvaccinated children over 12 meaning many people can't go.

"I only have 10pc of my holidays to sell."

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has warned some countries on the green list for travel could be put back to amber.

Those travelling to amber listed countries, such as mainland Spain, have to self-isolate for 10 days on their return to England.

However, as of July 19 the requirement to quarantine will be scrapped for the fully vaccinated and those aged under 18.

The government's travel lists are expected to be updated shortly.