North Norfolk Motorcycle Club members off on the road to Morocco - riding Honda C90s

Big continent, epic challenge - teeny-tiny little bikes.

This summer will see three grown men pile a lot of camping gear on to 85cc motorbikes and head off on the road to Morocco.

The trio include north Norfolk bike enthusiasts Sam Gibbons, 24, and Drew Plunkett, 34, who will be joined by friend Mikey Hearn, from Victoria, Australia.

Hevingham Primary School teacher Mr Gibbons, of Wooll Drive, North Walsham, said the three were all huge fans of Honda C90 bikes.

'I had a dream that it would be really, really funny if I rode Africa on one of them. My dad told Drew and his response was: 'When are we going?'' said Mr Gibbons.

They are looking for sponsors to support the three-week, 3,500-mile marathon feat in August which will raise cash for the Everyman prostate and testicular cancer charity.

Mr Gibbons got to know Norwich Airport air-traffic controller Mr Plunkett, of Cromer Road, Alby, through the North Norfolk Motorcycle Club and both own large bikes as well as their Honda C90s.

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'It's quite sad because they're really slow but we just love them. Basically, they're the reason why motorbikes are so popular. They're wonderful - they go on forever.

'As long as you've got juice and oil, they just keep going. They've got a top speed of about 50mph down hill with a tail wind,' said Mr Gibbons who anticipates that the only major problems they will face will be descending the Pyrenees, which could burn out the bikes' small brakes.

Honda C90s were built from the early 1960s until 2004, according to Mr Gibbons who has fitted his 20-year-old model with a new engine for the trip while Mr Plunkett has rebuilt his from scratch.

They have fitted their step-through bikes with extra-large fuel tanks, larger leg shields, 'massive panniers' and will be carrying plenty of spare parts.

'I'm also taking along an air freshener to keep things nicely zesty and limey,' Mr Gibbons added.

The bikers will cross to France by ferry and head for Morocco via Spain and Portugal. They expect to cover around 200 miles a day, travelling at about 30mph.

Mr Gibbons said that he had not yet given much thought to the journey itself, concentrating on getting their bikes ready instead. But he added: 'It's going to be exciting - hot and lovely.'

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