Norfolk women hit by increase in state pension age off to lobby parliament

Members of PAIN - Pension Action in Norfolk - collect signatures in North Walsham Market Place as pa

Members of PAIN - Pension Action in Norfolk - collect signatures in North Walsham Market Place as part of their protest against changes to state pension laws. Picture: MUSTARD TV - Credit: Archant

Dozens of Norfolk women affected by state pension changes will travel to Westminster next week for a mass lobby of parliament.

About 40 members of PAIN - Pension Action in Norfolk - plan to join the June 29 protest and hope to meet Norfolk MPs Norman Lamb, Clive Lewis and Henry Bellingham at the House of Commons to discuss their grievances.

The national rally is part of a continuing campaign by the 500-strong Norfolk group.

They belong to the nationwide WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality - movement which claims women born in the 1950s, after April 5 1951, are suffering hardship and inequality because of the government's alterations to the state pension age, and the lack of notice given about the changes by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Group members collected a further 400 signatures on a protest petition when they visited North Walsham as part of their bid to spread the message throughout the county.

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Spokesman Lynn Nicholls said many women who had worked for decades expecting to retire at 60, now found they would have to carry on until they were 65 or 66.

While PAIN did not object to the principle of increasing women's retirement age, members felt there should have been at least 10 years' notice of the changes, and that transitional arrangements should have been put in place.

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Mrs Nicholls, 62, from Thetford, was told in 2011 that she would not be able to collect her pension until she is 65 years and three months old.

'We're not talking about a change of weeks or months, it can be up to six years,' she said.

'Some women will lose between £39,000 and £43,000 in pension, compared to what they would have got from the age of 60.'

? For more information, or to join PAIN, visit or visit the group's Facebook page

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