Tulip tours sell out after thousands buy tickets to see fields

tulip fields 2021

Sophie Hooker from the Norfolk Hospice Tapping House in the tulip fields at Hillington, near King's Lynn - Credit: Chris Bishop

Tickets to tour Norfolk's most colourful spring attraction have sold out within days of going on sale.

Tulip fields off the A148 are being opened to visitors from Wednesday. More than 4,000 people have booked a 45-minute tour.

tulip fields 2021

More then 12 million bulbs have been planted in fields at Hillington - Credit: Chris Bishop

Proceeds will be going to the nearby Norfolk Hospice Tapping House, which has already raised £12,000 in sales and hopes to boost the amount by selling merchandise and donations 

Sophie Hooker, the hospice's marketing officer, said the support from the local community had been "incredible".

tulip fields 2021

The tulip fields are open to the public from Wednesday, but tickets have already sold out - Credit: Chris Bishop

"The pandemic has had quite a lot of impact on our fundraising," she said. "This is our first event since last year.

"I think people are just happy to be out doing things. It's really pretty, it's a nice day out.

tulip fields 2021

A sea of colour stretches across the fields at HIllington, with waves of red, yellow, pink and purple - Credit: Chris Bishop

"We'd like to thank Mark Eves, the farmer, Norfolk Tulips, Michael Rae the landowner and the Ffolkes for hosting it - it wouldn't have been possible without them." 

tulip fields 2021

Millions of tulips will be n bloom for the next few weeks before being harvested - Credit: Chris Bishop