Norfolk singing star Ronan Parke is living his dream

He was the angel-faced youngster with a voice that melted the hearts of millions and made him bookies' favourite to take the top prize at in the nation's favourite talent show.

However, half a year on from being pipped to the post by Jai McDowell, the Poringland teenager has been keeping busy since the release of his self-titled album last month, whether it is doing maths homework one minute or preparing to sing at Wembley the next.

The 13-year-old was the first to admit that his life had changed beyond recognition, something evident in the slightly different experience he has when making one of his regular shopping trips into Norwich with his 15-year-old brother Declan.

'Last weekend I went into Norwich and there were a lot of people asking for pictures,' said Ronan, who admitted that he on these trips he often indulged in a weakness for pretzels at a store in Castle Mall Norwich.

A trip to Sparks in the Park at the Norfolk Showground was a bit calmer, even if that meant he only had one or two girls screaming upon seeing him.

However, he was quick to add that he is flattered by the attention and enjoying every moment: 'It's just everything I really wanted, and it has been amazing and I am living my dream and I feel so lucky to be where I am today.'

With the album released in late October, Ronan has a packed schedule that will see him doing everything from performing in Germany for their equivalent of Children in Need through to singing at Wembley next month alongside Tinchy Stryder before a rugby match.

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And alongside the trappings of reality-show fame came the first chat with Simon Cowell, a slightly awkward moment in the Sony offices in London in which the youngster bumped into him walking up the stairs.'He came over to me and started talking and was really supportive but I was in such a trance I didn't know what to say.'

As well for being in possession of such a singing ability, some might think he is also unusual for describing a 'love' of going to school- not the typical teenager's reaction.

But for the youngster, who is full of praise for Framingham Earl High School, it gives him the chance to be around friends and 'just be normal Ronan.'

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