Norfolk Scams: Inheritance claims and Instagram messages

Norfolk County Councils trading standards team have recieved reports of cold calls claiming to be fr

Norfolk County Council has issued a warning about the latest scams taking place in September. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Norfolk County Council has warned of the latest scams going on across Norfolk.

Trading Standards is urging people to be wary of cold calls, social media messages asking for money, and fake letters.

Be wary of cold calls from a train station

The council is asking people to be alert to telephone calls from an individual claiming to be from 'Brixton Station'.

The caller will ask for you to confirm your credit card details.

A council spokesman said: "Our advice is always be very wary of any approach made in a telephone cold call and never give or confirm any personal details, agree to contract or make a purchase if approached in this manner."

Be aware of cold calls from an insurance company

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One scam happening in the county this month are cold calls from an individual claiming to work for an insurance company.

The individual states that the resident owes the company money and asks for card details in order to process the payment.

Watch out for Instagram messages asking for money

Users of Instagram are being asked by the council to be wary of direct messages asking to borrow money.

Messages will provide a reason why the money is needed urgently and will promise to return any money.

Such messages may come from accounts you do not recognise or from hacked accounts of friends.

Suffolk Trading Standards has issued a warning over scam emails. Picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The County Council wants Instagram users to be aware of people asking them for money. - Credit: PA

A council spokesman said: "If you receive this or a similar message, our advice it do not interact with the message and delete it.

"If it appears to be sent from a friend, contact them another way and inform them that their Instagram account has been hacked."

Be aware of letters regarding unexpected inheritance

A Norfolk resident has reported receiving a letter claiming to be from a 'bank in Hong Kong' offering them the opportunity to receive inheritance from an estate.

These letters will ask recipients to contact the sender by email so that the funds can be released.

A council spokesman said: "There are easy ways to spot a scam: the amount of money on offer will be extremely large and letters are generally badly written.

"The fraudster will claim that the deceased was the victim of a well-publicised incident, such as a plane crash.

"If you receive this, or a similar letter, just recycle it.

"Do not reply with personal details."

Those wanting more information about cold calling or potential scams can contact the council through the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.

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