Norfolk police record crimes accurately, report finds

Norfolk constabulary has one of the highest levels of accuracy in recording crimes in the country, a report has found.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), an independent inspectorate, checked the accuracy of a small number of the force's crime and incident records which was used to flag up any potential issues.

The inspectorate looked at 120 incident records created by Norfolk Constabulary as a result of calls for assistance from the public and found that only one of them had been closed without a crime being properly recorded.

It was an improvement on the findings of a review completed by HMIC in September 2011 which showed some cause for concern and prompted the force to put in place interim measures to ensure that incidents were properly and thoroughly checked.

HMIC found that Norfolk police has a 'victim-focused approach' to crime recording and was good at 'quickly identifying repeat and vulnerable victims'.

The inspectorate said: 'Norfolk Constabulary, from the top team and across the whole organisation, is clearly committed to ensuring that crime recording is accurate and of the highest quality'.

The report concluded that the force nearly always recorded crimes accurately.

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It stated: 'Chief officers demonstrate strong leadership and reinforce the importance of accurate crime and incident recording throughout the organisation.'

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