Norfolk military charity warns about imposters

Bridge for Heroes founder Mike Taylor. Picture: Ian Burt

Bridge for Heroes founder Mike Taylor. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

The founder of a Norfolk military veterans charity has urged the public to watch out for fake fundraisers.

Mike Taylor, from King's Lynn-based Bridge for Heroes, said some people pretending to be from his charity had tried fundraising door-to-door in the Gaywood area of King's Lynn in the past.

He said the fake fundraisers had printed off postcards with the Bridge for Heroes logo on and knocked on doors, but Bridge for Heroes does not raise money door-to-door.

He called on donors to be vigilant when giving money to fundraisers and to call his charity if they were unsure about who the fundraiser was. The EDP was contacted on Friday about a man from Bridge for Heroes who was collecting money on Pottergate.

The fundraiser, a former veteran, was genuine but his ID was not visible and he was collecting on the street without permission from Norwich City Council.

Mr Taylor said the man had strayed too far from nearby Hoopers Surplus where he was meant to be collecting money.

Charities need a licence from the council to collect in Norwich but can collect on private property with permission from the owner.

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Mr Taylor, who said his charity helped 385 veterans in the last five years, apologised for the incident but said the man was genuine and had ID.

'It is good that someone has rung in,' he said.

'I think everyone should always be vigilant.'

He said the charity was now getting permission from Norwich City Council to fundraise on the streets.

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