Norfolk couple escape crisis-hit Libya

A Norfolk couple have spoken of the chaos in Libya after fleeing the crisis-hit country.

Chris and Jacqueline Murphy, from Horsford, just north of Norwich, had been working in Tripoli for five months before violent clashes between anti-government protesters and forces loyal to dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi broke out in recent days.

Colonel Gaddafi sparked fears that violence would spiral further when he vowed to fight to his 'last drop of blood' and urged his supporters to take to the streets.

Mr and Mrs Murphy, who returned home to Norfolk yesterday and were forced to leave behind their Irish setter dog, said they had to dash through chaotic scenes to escape the troubles.

'We heard a lot of gunfire in the evenings. We were pretty lucky to get out this morning. The airport was unbelievable, the number of people sleeping outside and inside,' said Mr Murphy, a chartered surveyor.

Meanwhile, Norfolk mother Anita Lewis fears she might not see her children again.

As previously reported, her children, Rumaysa, Safiya, Ali, Hamza and Aisha are in Libya.

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They had been taken away from her by their father in 2000.

She said: 'I don't know when or where I will be able to see them again. I am extremely anxious for the future...

'My biggest fear is that I might never get over there again.'

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