Norfolk author hopes to raise money for charity with new book about father’s battle against MS

Author Dominic Zenden pictured with his new book.

Author Dominic Zenden pictured with his new book. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Watching his father battle against terminal illness is something that has stayed with Dominic Zenden for the rest of his life.

And now, the Stalham-based author hopes his new book about how his father bravely fought multiple scelerosis will raise money for research into the condition.

The 54-year-old's fifth book, My Childhood Room, is a biographical account of Mr Zenden's fond childhood memories of his father while growing up in Cambridge.

He writes openly about the tragic moment his father died from the illness - a life-long neurological condition which can cause serious disability - when Mr Zenden was 18.

'This is a social history book,' he said. 'It covers topics like terminal illness and comradeship.

'The book covers 10 years between 1970 and 1981. My father died in my childhood room when I was 18 years old.'

Mr Zenden began writing the book in December last year.

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He described it as the quickest and easiest book he has ever written.

'The story was already in my mind waiting to come out,' he said.

He is planning to give some of the proceeds from the book to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, a charity which funds research, gives grants, provides information and supports people with MS.

Mr Zenden said: 'When my father died, we were nowhere near finding a cure for this illness. If he went through it today, he would've survived.

'The society are interested in the book and I wanted to support the incredible work they do.'

In 1982, Mr Zenden moved to Norfolk and joined RAF Coltishall as a chef. He was deployed to The Falklands for six months just after the war ended.

Starting as a hobby, Mr Zenden began writing at 39 years old whilst working as a medium and writing columns for Spirit and Destiny magazine. He has sold over 50,000 copies of his books worldwide, including his debut novel Spirit Motivator and children's book The Little Christmas Tree. On World Book Day, Mr Zenden hopes more people pick up a book and immerse themselves into a story.

'Everything you ever need to know is written down in a book,' he said. 'Books are made up from pictures you paint in your mind. Everybody, young or old, rich or poor books can transform your view of the world.'

'My Childhood Room' is on sale now and is available to purchase on Amazon or on Dominic Zenden's website.

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