Norfolk and Suffolk people part of the Royal Wedding in London

Many people from Norfolk and Suffolk have been in London for the royal wedding.

Among the crowds outside Westminster Abbey was Rosanna Stacey, 25, a hospital worker from Norwich, who had dressed up specially for the occasion.

She said: 'We just about saw the cars go by, I briefly saw Kate and the Queen, and you could just about make out Prince William.

'It's been absolutely crazy, there's just so many people.

She added: 'I think William and Kate are very well matched and think they'll be really good for the Royal Family in general.

'I definitely think it matters that William has chosen his bride, rather than her being chosen for him, so I think that will make their marriage more successful.'

Among those invited to the Abbey from the region is Major General William Cubitt CBE who has been preparing for the event ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement.

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The task falls to Maj Gen Cubitt, whose family have lived in north Norfolk for 300 years, in his role as commander of the Household Division.

He was in Westminster Abbey with his wife Lucy as wedding guests, leaving a number of commanders to oversee the smooth running of operations in the field.

Norwich bell ringer David Brown arrived at the Abbey at around 8am and was ringing the bells both before as part of a team ringing a full peal after the service.

As the couple leave the Abbey Wing Commander Kevin Marsh, 40, originally from Gillingham, near Beccles, has not only been asked by the prince to be one of the path liners but has also received an invitation to the wedding itself.

The Norfolk man who taught Prince William to fly will be among 12 specially-chosen service personnel lining the path outside Westminster Abbey's Great West Door today as the royal couple emerge.

There are also many people from the region who have travelled to London in several coaches or travelled down days before the big day.

Among those along the estimated half million people in the Mall were Philip and Teresa Smith, from Dereham, with their children Sam, who is seven on Monday, and Amelia, three,

'It was an amazing experience and the atmosphere has been electric. ,' said Mrs Smith

Her husband said: 'It was a memorable event and a glimpse of the happy couple in their carriage makes it worthwhile. The atmosphere is great and there is a sea of people enjoying a truly English ceremony.'

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