Warning after spate of 'Amazon' scam telephone calls

Amazon has seen a dip in profits in the wake of new investments

Trading Standards officers have issued a warning about scam calls claiming to be from Amazon. - Credit: PA

A warning has been issued after reports of people in Norfolk getting telephone calls which trigger recorded messages claiming to be from Amazon.

Officers at Norfolk County Council's Trading Standards department have issued the warning after a spate of calls in the county.

People are getting cold calls on their telephones, with a recorded message playing when they answer.

Examples of the messages on such calls have included:

That your Amazon Prime subscription ‘is about to renew at the cost of £79.99’ the call then states you can ‘press 1 to speak with someone'

That ‘a payment of £79.99 has been taken to renew your Amazon Prime subscription’ the call then states you can ‘press 1 to cancel the payment’

That ‘a purchase costing £300 has been made on your Amazon account’ the call then states you can ‘press 1 if you did not make this purchase’

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That ‘£1,000 has been charged to your Amazon account’ the call then states you can ‘press 1 to speak to the Amazon fraud team’

Trading Standards officers say that, where people has pressed a button to interact with the call, they have then been connected to a person.

That person then attempts to gather personal, account or financial details.

A spokesman for Norfolk Trading Standards said: "These calls are a scam and are not connected with Amazon in any way.

"If you receive this or a similar call our advice is do not interact with the call and hang up."

Trading Standards officers also had a report this week about a cold call offering loft insulation.

The caller attempted to gather a range of personal information before trying to make an appointment for a home visit.

A spokesman said: "Our advice is always be very wary of any approach made in a telephone cold call and never give or confirm any personal details or agree to someone visiting your home if approached in this manner."

If you have received a telephone cold call which you believe to be a scam you can report it to Norfolk Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133.