New West Lynn Forum would give villagers a voice

A new forum is being launched tomorrow to give West Lynn a voice. Picture: Ian Burt

A new forum is being launched tomorrow to give West Lynn a voice. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

People living in West Lynn will be meeting tomorrow at Poppyfields Green, on Clenchwarton Road, to discusss forming a community forum.

With no parish council, residents have no united voice. County councillor Alexandra Kemp hopes to relaunch the West Lynn Forum, which disbanded two years ago.

'West Lynn could increase by as much as 50pc in the next few years, with so many planning applications in the pipeline,' she said.

'But the borough never consults the village, as it has no parish council.

'If West Lynn had a parish council, it would be consulted on where new homes go and how many there should be.

'West Lynn would also be entitled to decide how to spend at least 15pc of the new community infrastructure levy from developers for infrastructure that the village needs, which could bring in thousands of pounds for the village for community rooms, crossings, speed reduction measures and bus shelters.'

Miss Kemp said if a new forum could be set up, the village could also request the return of the £700 which the old forum handed back to the borough council, when it disbanded in 2014. She said the money could be used for a highways study to strengthen the case for traffic calming measures.

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'West Lynn needs new dedicated people with a modicum of time to come forward now to help the community,' she added.

She said anyone interested in being part of the new forum could call 07920 286636.

Saturday's meeting is being held at the Poppyfields Green, at 12-noon.