New ramp ‘could help beat erosion’

Councillors will meet tonight to discuss an idea to introduce a ramp on Hunstanton seafront to battle coastal erosion.

William Searle, skipper of the pleasurecraft Wash Monster, has suggested having a ramp installed opposite the old Kit Kat club site.

Mr Searle said the ramp would provide a first line of defence against coastal erosion and also help people easily access the beach.

He said: 'Everyone has been complaining for years that the beach at that end has been disappearing. There used to be a ramp there and lots of sand, but now there are only stones.

'I have been saying we need to respect what we have got there and take action for the last 20 years and the ramp desperately needs to go back.'

'There hasn't been a penny spent on the beach and it is about time something was done.

'I believe a ramp would be very cost effective because not only would it bring in more tourists, it would be another defence against coastal erosion because it would stop the water coming right up the beach.

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'I think it will be a fantastic addition to the regeneration project here and I've had support from everyone I have spoken to about it – there has been no negativity.'

Mr Searle said he was working hard to get the funding for the scheme and that he wanted it installed in the next few months ready for next year.

He added: 'We can't just keep leaving things and letting them deteriorate.'

Hunstanton Town Councillors will discuss the idea and decide whether to give their support at a meeting tomorrow.

Councillor Geoffrey Smith said: 'The previous ramp was in place until about the early 1970s but it was damaged by the weather and the borough council decided to remove it for safety reasons.

'I think if a ramp was re-introduced there it would enhance that area without a doubt.

'However, the town council is not going to be able to fund it and we will only be able to give our support.'