New lamp posts dug up in Norwich, months after being put in

Workmen had to dig up new lamp posts in a city street just months after putting them in, because of an error.

The new street lights were put up along the cycle and footpath on Earlham Green Lane, North Earlham, in November. But Norfolk County Council contractors, Amey, put them in the middle of the path by mistake, sparking complaints from cyclists.

The work to remove them and put them at the side of the path has now been completed.

Cyclists complained two years ago about the original lampposts on the path being in the middle of the cycleway, after the path was widened, and white markings were painted around the columns to warn riders.

But when the lights were due to be replaced in November, the contractor put the new lights along the same line as the old posts, creating more obstacles.

Green Party county councillor Richard Bearman first wrote to the council two years ago to ask for the old posts to be moved. The Mancroft ward councillor said he was told that the street lights would be moved to the side of the path when they were upgraded. But to his shock they were placed in exactly the position he was told they would not be.

He said: 'Suddenly there was double the amount of obstacles. It shows a lack of joined up working between councils and contractors. They said, 'of course we will get it right,' but it doesn't work out that way on the ground.'

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A Norfolk County Council spokesman said: 'After the new footpath and cycleway was built in 2009/10, some streetlighting columns were left in their original position which was roughly in the middle of the newly widened path.

'This was a temporary position because it was intended they would be moved to the edge of the new footpath/cycleway when the time came for the columns to be replaced as part of the county-wide streetlighting upgrade programme, which is being carried out under a long-term contract by Amey.

'Unfortunately, when the replacement took place recently, the columns were put back in the same position, an error that was put right by Amey quickly. The costs were also picked up by Amey.'

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